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    What is House Rendering?

    Rendering is the process of applying an external wall coating, called render, over the existing wall covering of a building. It can benefit many different types of building, and is often used on domestic properties to cover over bricks or block work. The benefits when used on houses are manifold, with rendering providing a modern, high-performance wall coating that has many advantages for homeowners.

    Render is put onto walls by specialised contractors who will apply it to the exterior walls of a home. The exact application will depend on the type of render that is being used; different types are better suited to different kinds of properties to achieve a specific finish or serve a particular purpose.

    What are the different types of render used on homes?

    There are various types of render that can be applied to the external walls of a house. These are the three main types you will come across:

    -Silicone render: This is a through coloured, ready mixed render that can be applied to most masonry types. It is highly weatherproof and is used to achieve a smooth, decorative appearance that requires very little maintenance. Benefits include:

    - Low maintenance
    - Durability - Protection again harsh weather conditions
    - Flexibility – prevents cracking
    - Water repellent
    - A choice of colours and finishes

    -Traditional renders: Sand and cement render is often used as a protective layer, and may be covered with a long life wall coating afterwards for aesthetic enhancement. It offers excellent protection and weatherproofing. Some of the benefits are:

    - The opportunity to hide poor quality brickwork
    - Aesthetically sympathetic to older properties
    - Easy to repair in future

    -Lime render: Another of the more traditional render types, lime render is often used on older properties where movement is likely. The lime element makes the render more flexible so that it’s less prone to cracking. Some of the benefits are:

    - Flexibility and breathability
    - A traditional appearance
    - Low maintenance needs

    The type of render you choose will all depend on your property and what you would like to achieve.

    How is render applied?

    The application method will depend on the type of render that is used. Silicone, Sand and cement render is applied by hand using a trowel.

    Does house rendering need to be applied by a specialist contractor?

    To achieve the best results, rendering should always be carried out by an experienced contractor.

    If you would like any further advice on house rendering, we will be happy to help. Please call 01905 622164 or send us a message.



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