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    Wall Rendering vs Long-Life Wall Coatings

    Long-life wall coatings are growing in popularity and there are various reasons why they can be more effective than render. The finished appearance will be very similar, but there are both practical and cost-saving benefits to choosing a long-life wall coating instead of re-rendering your property.

    Here is a comparison between long-life wall coatings and render to help you understand the differences and choose the best wall covering solution for your needs:

    • Long-life wall coatings are a cost-effective option. Re-rendering a property is labour intensive, which can also make it expensive. Applying a wall coating is a quicker process because it can be applied directly on top of older render – we repair this first in order to seal the property fully.
    • The preparation process for wall coating application is quicker and simpler. Applying render is dusty and dirty work, meaning the rest of your property will be affected as well. Choosing a wall coating instead means less dust and dirt in the surrounding areas during the application process.
    • Wall coatings can be applied on top of render and generate less waste. Any waste that is created can be picked up by a company we regularly use – there’s no need for you to have a skip on your property.
    • A wall coating can be applied with minimal scaffolding. While render is usually applied using scaffolding, wall coatings can largely be applied without it. We may need to erect some scaffolding for areas that are difficult to access but this will usually be minimal.


    All in all, choosing a wall coating is a quicker, simpler, cheaper option and it has many additional benefits for your property, including:

    • Weather resistance
    • No need to repaint regularly
    • Textured surfaces to hide imperfections, making them a long-life option
    • Breathability to prevent issues with damp
    • Excellent durability – wall coatings can last for many years


    Please get in touch to discuss long-life wall coatings. We will be happy to talk you through all the differences between wall coatings and render, helping you to make an informed decision. Call our head office on 01905 622164 or contact us online.



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