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    Updating Your Monocouche Render

    Updating Your Monocouche Render – Simple, Cost-Effective Maintenance for Enhanced Performance and Appearance

    Is your monocouche render looking tired and past its best? This type of render is highly advanced and offers many benefits but as with some external wall coating, it will fade, its condition will deteriorate and it will lose its effectiveness. We have a simple solution: pure acrylic wall coatings. Wall coatings can be applied to cover existing monocouche render, so whether you want to improve the condition of your home’s exterior, cover over cracks or simply update the colour, this is the ideal option.


    What are Wall Coatings and Why Do They Work Well with Monocouche Render?

    Our wall coatings are waterborne, elastomeric, pure acrylic coatings. They offer a durable waterproof finish, superior elasticity and elongation properties, which means they are highly resistant to cracking and their consistant finish will last.

    These are some of the key benefits of applying a new wall coating over your existing monocouche render:

    -Extremely durable and long-lasting, even in harsh weather conditions. Wall coatings are excellent value for money.

    -Protects against mildew and dirt, covering over old, dirty or stained monocouche and keeping your property’s appearance fresh.

    -Breathable and water resistant, which will prevent future issues with damp, mould and algae.

    -Available in fine textures. There are options that will produce a neat, even finish over your existing render.

    -High pressure spray application. Wall coatings can be quickly applied – we use modern equipment to achieve the best possible finish.  

    -Thicker than conventional paint. If you want to update the appearance and colour of your property, wall coatings are more effective and longer lasting than paint.

    Wall coatings can be applied all year round and are faster drying, unlike monocouche render which can be more sensitive to weather conditions and may not dry below certain temperatures. During the colder months of the year, wall coatings can still be applied, making them a more versatile choice and giving you year-round options to improve the condition and appearance of your existing render.

    We will be happy to advise you based on the current condition of your monocouche render and find the right solution to update your property. Talk to us about wall coatings – request your free quote.


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