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    Type of House Rendering

    Which type of house rendering will be right for your property? There are various choices you can make, depending on your home, its style, the existing substrate and what you want to get out of the new rendered surface. Learn more about the types of rendering available to you, and which one might be the right choice for your property.

    Types of rendering for homes: benefits, uses and suitability

    These are the most commonly used types of render for domestic properties:

    • Silicone renders. This highly versatile render can be applied to most types of masonry, making it a popular choice with homeowners. Many leading brands offer this type of render, including K-Rend, Weber, Parex and Johnstone Stormshield.

    Silicone render is through-coloured, meaning the colour is applied as part of the rendering process and no painting is needed afterwards.

    Key benefits of silicone house rendering:

    1. Low maintenance
    2. Durable and long-lasting
    3. Flexible and breathable
    4. Water repellent
    5. Through coloured

    Modern render can be spray applied for a quicker process and a neat, uniform finish.

    • Traditional renders.

    o Sand and cement render. This type of rendering can be applied to brick, concrete and stone. It is usually finished off with Andura Long Life Coating, which will seal the render and offer additional protection.

    Key benefits of sand and cement render:

    1. Hides brickwork for a neater finish.
    2. Easy to repair.
    3. Can be used on older properties.

    o Lime render. If you know that movement is a possibility with your property, this could be a good rendering option for you. Lime is flexible, reducing the risk of cracking – for this reason, it’s often used on older properties.

    Key benefits of lime render:

    1. Flexible and breathable – great for older properties.
    2. Eco friendly.
    3. Has a more traditional appearance.

    Want to talk to the experts about the different types of house rendering and which one could suit your property?

    Our team are here to help and advise you as you make your decision. Call Protex Midlands on 01905 622164, or request your free quote online.


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