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    Plaspertex Wall Coatings Now Available From Protex Wall Coatings

    We are very pleased to be adding a new product to our wall coating range. This wall coating comes from Plaspertex, a leading name in the industry. Plaspertex have many years of experience supplying a wide range of coatings for walls, roofs and concrete surfaces, including:

    -Textured coatings

    -Smooth coatings

    -Clear coatings

    This will complement our existing wall coating service using products from Andura. We can now offer coatings from the largest manufacturers of specialist wall coatings in the UK. We can discuss your requirements with you and find the right products for your project, depending on your property, its age, the condition of your walls and what you are looking to achieve.

    About Plaspertex Wall Coatings

    Plaspertex has been supplying long-life wall coatings to decorate and protect properties for more than 40 years. Products are for trade use, so they will be applied by skilled contractors like us, ensuring the perfect finish is achieved.

    These are some of the key benefits of Plaspertex wall coatings:

    -Textured and smooth finishes available. We can work with you to ensure we create the right aesthetic for your property.

    -Highly durable. Plaspertex wall coatings are highly durable, long-life products that are designed to last.

    -Spray application. This simple application method is quick and easy for trained professionals like us – your new wall coating can be applied rapidly while ensuring a quality finish.

    -A range of colours. Choose from various through colours when selecting your wall coating – it won’t need to be painted afterwards.

    -Can be used on a range of surfaces – the coating is suitable for the protection and decoration of most external masonry surfaces.

    -Offers decoration and protection – with a Plaspertex wall coating, you can upgrade the appearance of your property as well as protecting it.

    As well as Plaspertex, we offer Andura long life wall coatings – we will find the solution that best meets your needs, budget and timescales.

    Are you interested in Plaspertex wall coatings, or would you like to find out more about your best options? Please call 01905 622164, email info@protexmidlands.co.uk or send us a message.


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